Joyful Meditation- Reclaim your Legacy of Ecstasy

November 14, 2017

Free Joyful Meditation to experience  unconditional joy, power, love and freedom in life!


Learn the science and art of joyful living using a simple meditation and self enquiry practice. Joyful Meditation practice will open the floodgates of unlimited joy, love and creativity in your life and will also give you the keys to keep them open forever.


Just as there is a science of external world which brings comforts and luxuries in life, there is an inner science  which deals with joyously and consciously creating our own experiences and expressions in life.


Why we seek joy, happiness in life?


In every pursuit and relationship of life we desire only one thing, happiness or joy, however what people get is a different question! The inception of human being happens in  form of sperm which is released from a man out of joy. The conception of baby in the womb is a carried out joyously by the woman who receives the sperm. When the baby is born it is received by the world with lot of joy and happiness. So our inception, conception and reception in this world is only out of joy and happiness, and there is no other reason why being happy and joyful is the only purpose and thing we seek in life. 


When we are joyful and happy we feel powerful, loved, creative, confident, are more accepting and less vulnerable and indifferent to the world. When we are joyous we exist with an altogether different personality which has indomitable sense of freedom, power and significance.  This is why we continuously seek happiness or run away from things, people and work which bring pain. Happiness, joyfulness is the oxygen for human mind and everything we do or do not do has only one motive behind it, whether it will bring me happiness or not?


Happiness is original nature of Mind free from desires and worries-


Happiness or Joyfulness is the experience of mind whenever the desires or worries of the mind/person are taken care off. Happiness is experienced whenever we are given something we desired or whenever some problem is taken care off.  In both the cases, i.e. the pleasurable thing which is received and the unpleasant thing which is removed, the mind is freed from disturbances and agitations.

A happy mind therefore is a mind which has become calm and free from agitations of  desires or worries for a time being. So the principle of happiness is-  longer we keep our mind calm and free from desires and worries the longer we experience happiness.  In deep sleep we are happy for longest time because the mind is not under the influence of desires or worries.


Most people believe and would argue that, to have desires and worries in mind is a natural thing; however the truth is that anything natural must make our experience of life richer and better and difficult and miserable. If desires or worries were to be natural to the mind then why would we struggle so desperately to get rid or take care of them? Therefore desires and worries are unnatural to the mind just as diseases and aches are not natural to a healthy body.

The moment any desire or worry crops up in the mind the mind gets dis-positioned from its original state to act in an artificial unnatural manner. We all know what happens when any joint of the body gets dislocated from its socket; it creates problem for that joint and also for the whole body. Similarly a mind which loses its original natural state experiences life in a miserable way and brings miseries into lives of others.


The natural state of mind is free from agitations of desires and worries which is known and experienced as happiness, and the mind will do anything to attain its natural poise and order.

Therefore not only happiness is an experience of mind which is free from desires and worries, happiness or joyfulness is natural or original state of mind. The original quality of mind before getting conditioned and  habituated to  wrong thinking, experienced life in a powerful, confident and worthy way in  the mothers womb and as a child. This natural state of mind is lost the moment a pseudo sense of self is born which leads to wrong thinking and attitude. As mentioned earlier, the experience of happiness brings along with itself certain sense power, security, freedom and worthiness.  Therefore seeking and experiencing happiness in the outside world gives the pseudo self the exhilaration of being alive, to sense of significance, security and powerful.  


Therefore to experience joy in each moment of life we must make our mind such that it is saved from the compulsion of becoming a person with desires and worries. Instead people keep strengthening this pseudo sense of person to create more desires and worries and to find new ways to fulfill them.  People believe that  happiness is in relations and possessions on the outside and spend their entire life trying to manage and manipulate the external world to experience happiness.  Most of the humanity knows only one way to experience happiness, i.e. by fulfilling desires and getting rid of the worries using external relations and objects. We have never enquired what happiness truly is and continue to live with extroverted mind assuming that happiness is derived by external objects and relations. We miss the entire point that happiness happens when mind is calm and free from desires and worries which is a natural state of the mind.


The real was never miserable and the unreal can never remain happy- 


Ability to create joy and misery exist equally within us, the outside world of objects and relations  only points us to that which we already carry in us.  When we identify ourself with a mind whose desires are fulfilled  or worries being taken care off,  some happy person, a happy, husband, wife, parent, employee, etc is born. When we identify ourself with the mind under the influence  of desires and worries, some miserable person, a husband, wife, parent, employee etc is born. But we are neither the person nor the mind of those persons, and never enquired upon their existence. However when we take ourself to be what we are not we continue to struggle in life and become miserable for that which never exists in reality. 


You can not fulfill desires or lessen the worries of somebody which does not exist. It would be like trying to mix colors in the mirage water which is an appearance and not a reality. Similarly all the roles we play and have so strongly identified with, are nothing but virtual appearances and not real. No one is born as a mother, father, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, in laws, grandparents, grandkids, politicians,  patriots, religious person,  business person, etc, but these are the only entities who struggle and suffer in life.  


A truly wise human will see the foolishness, dangers and weakness of this way of living where we base our happiness, worth, power, confidence in the unreal entities. Instead of allowing the mind to work under the compulsive influence of desires, fears, worries, anxiety, greed, jealousy and anger, he/she strives to function the mind under the umbrella of inspiration, joy, love, oneness and wisdom.


Joyful meditation will give you the knowledge and tools to enquire the falsity of these persons we become and keep justifying to lead our life by their unreasonable desires, fears and worries.


Happiness- We want all of it not most of it!


If I were to ask you a question, how often do you want to be happy and joyful, do you want to be happy most times or all the times? We do not desire happiness most times of the day but in each and every moment of life. No one wants to experience being powerful, worthy, free, secured and feel loved only certain times in life, rather in every living moment. Therefore the fundamental desire of human being is not to have more happiness, more power, more confidence, more love, more worthiness, more security, but to experience infinite love, infinite happiness, infinite power, infinite confidence, infinite security and infinite of worthiness every moment.


However this sense of infinitude can never be experienced by finite mind of finite persons we take ourself to be. Not only the mind of the person is finite but sins e the person itself is unreal their mind and idea about life is also unreal. The joy we experience using five senses never lasts long and neither does the subsequent feeling of confidence, significance, security and power. It only creates a illusory person we give a status of reality who struggles for new objects, relationships and work to experience more joy, confidence, significance and power. 


The moments of joyfulness in lives of people are very few and handful, but the struggle and suffering which they go through for getting happiness seems to be perpetual. We have fulfilled innumerable desires to experience joy in life, but we have never experienced fulfillment in life nor can we guarantee when we shall finally experience fulfillment in the future.


Joyful meditation course in form of Legacy of Ecstasy will teach you how this fundamental quest for happiness must be addressed in a right way so that you experience all that you must experience as human being without being denied of it. It is not a sin or wrong thing if we desire to be happy and feel worthy, powerful, confident  and significant as human beings. However to suppress that desire or try to fulfill it in a desperate and foolish way is sinful and wrongful, leading to more sins and wrongdoings!



The Power of I am-


Joyful Meditation makes you see how the experience of unconditional joy, love, power, confidence and worth is available to you here and now without any limitations of time and space. Your belief that I am the body and somebody is the only debilitating idea which makes you experience life as a never ending struggle and suffering. When you as a free being, creative life force, divinity, identifies itself with a limited  identity, every experience will be limiting in nature. Every time you have said I am hungry, I am thirsty, I am angry, I am happy, I am depressed, I am blessed, I am successful, I am failure, I am angry, I am  relaxed, I am this or I am that, you have strongly identified with the objective world. The objective world of relations, possessions and their experiences keep changing, but the subjective component “I am” has always remained the same. 


Without being aware and without questioning you have identified yourself with the body, its gender, physiology, with the roles you play as a husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, mother, father, in laws, man, woman and their limited actions and results. 


In reality you are the infinite “I am” potential which can be anybody or anything without getting influenced by anybody or anything! The human form we have acquired is also not our true identity, because it was created out of fertilization of sperm and egg to evolve into a form of zygote, baby, child and adult.  Finally the body will also get old and disappear and we will remain untouched as I am!



Giving all Re-Sources to the One Source-


Your real power as a human being in this momentary existence is in the beingness of I am which is ever free and in immediate relation with the absolute I. The Source, or Supreme Being, or the ultimate reality or pure consciousness or God whatever you may want to refer it as, is the only being second to none. 


All beings whether non living beings, living beings, plant beings, animal beings, human beings or spirit beings, have only one thing in common, the Being! It is from one being that every matter and life has manifested and therefore has the essence of the absolute being in their varying forms and functions. Every resource of this universe including the universe and beyond it belongs to only one Source. In the final experiences of spiritual advancement you will see that the One Source itself has manifested as many resources and resourcefully playing the game of life!  


When the I am consciousness in you finds the right relationship with the absolute I, the potentiality of being human gets activated. When the I am dis-identifies itself from every limited identities and realizes that I am actually nobody as a person, only then it becomes eligible and available to experience the eternal presence and its unconditional joy, love and power. When the unreality of the person is seen as unreal the presence of the real will make itself present in every aspect and experience of life. 


As long as you, the I am, claims to be somebody, the Absolute does not interfere in the plays of that somebody. But when out of earnest desire the I am seeks to experience absolute and unconditional love, joy, power and significance of being human, the Source starts responding to this fundamental desire of human heart. The presence of I am is profoundly experienced in ones body, ones breath and ones existence which transforms the vision and experience of life.  


Joyful mediation will give you amazing clarity of how to live with this sense of I am and create your unique experience and expression of life by co-operating with the Source. No experience of love, joy, power and worth can happen without relationship, and to have an unlimited and unconditional experience of love, joy, power and worth we must learn to relate in a right way with the Source, the ultimate reality. 



First Mind over Matter then Spirit over Mind-


If mind is going through hallucinating limited and miserable experiences of life, then it is the mind on which we must work. You can not work on the mind by being on the same level of the mind, and therefore you must enter the domain of spirit which is powerful than the mind.  When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes and so does the experience of the world. If you desire to live with a new experience in your mind you must bestow a new reality, a new vision to the mind.


I offer Joyful Meditation in one hour session in one to one coaching free of cost. It is not that you need to do something or you need one hour to be who you are, since who you are is beyond the limitation of doings, time and space. Whether you believe or not, whether you do something or not, you will always be divine! However it is the mind with which we experience and express every thing which needs right training and education, and therefore the focus is on renewing and transforming the mind. In the realm of spirit there is no issue and suffering, in the the world of matter also there is no issue and suffering, but in the realm of mind which is like a bridge between the spirt and matter there is nothing but deluge of problems, confusion, struggle and suffering.


The knowledge and energy you shall receive in Joyful meditation will act like like a yeast which will inoculate  your mind leading to its transformation. Just as a small amount of curd is enough to  transform the milk into curd,  the knowledge of I am from joyful meditation will facilitate in transformation of the entire consciousness of your mind. It is not replacing one belief with another belief, rather discarding all beliefs and living a mind which is pure potentiality freed from every kind of prejudice, compulsion and obsession. If you are truly convinced that you are here to experience every moment in a joyful, powerful and purposeful way, then Joyful Meditation is for you!



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