Science of Mastering the Mind & Senses.

May 31, 2017

Senses are nothing but power of mind expressing through the physical body. So whenever our senses interact with any object, there is an immediate like or dislike response which happens in the mind. If we do not use our intellect then these likes and dislikes on the sensory level influence the mind to further project a fancy world driven by strong personal prejudices and desires. If the external world fails to fulfill these prejudices and desires of the mind, then it shrinks and reacts in an unpleasant way.  


If the external world provides the senses and mind with what it has been conditioned and prejudiced with, then it expands and reacts in a pleasant way. This is how the mind experiences happiness and sorrow in the world where it is tied to sensory experiences of the body. For instance if I like like taking shower with hot water and for some reasons I do not have hot water available today, the strong reaction of the mind to this particular situation creates unpleasantness and misery within me.


The problem however is not with the likes and dislikes of the mind which is its nature, but in identification with those likes and dislikes as mine and giving them a sense of solid reality and personality. We start suffering because of our own mind when we know what is right  and wrong, yet due to compulsiveness we may not do the right thing and end up doing the wrong thing. This makes us lose our self confidence and self esteem in our own self which can lead to a depressed, guilty and frustrated living.


We can keep the mind calm and open even if certain circumstances become unfavorable without letting the external world define our inner power, worth, joy and poise. For this we must not associate the power and joy of our being with the likes and dislikes  of the mind and the pleasant and unpleasant sensation of the senses. We must assert boldly and confidently the right thought which must be thought, right words which must be spoken and right action which must be taken, despite of the moods, likes dislikes and prejudices of the mind. This is known as coming out of our comfort zone and mastering the mind and its old habit patterns.


For this we must develop a very sharp intellect to discern and know what is right and truly beneficial for a particular role I am playing and the difference between mere moods of mind and wisdom of our inner being. We must value the spontaneous joy, power and intuition of our being than the temporary pleasure and high provided by the mind and body which are based in lack of understanding and subconscious  repetition  of past habits. We must not confuse emotions and feelings of the mind body with spontaneity of our being, because feelings and emotions fade away in no time unlike our being which is always there.


The pleasant and unpleasant experience related to the senses and the happiness and sorrow experiences of the mind are interconnected and dependent on the external world. However the joy of our being is independent of the experiences of mind and senses and the external world.


A mind which has strongly  identified with the body and its pleasant and unpleasant sensations and emotions is in its unnatural and weak state of existence. The natural state of mind is to remain free and beyond the physical form, however due to ignorance we make the mind to run after and dwell on the sensory experiences of the body and objects of the world.  A mind which feeds on the diet of five senses becomes rigid and fattened with personal prejudices and judgments. It loses its freedom, flexibility, mobility and swiftness and keeps repeating gross experiences of the body  which have been impressed on it strongly to experience life in a fragmented and limited way. 


Therefore it is important to first train our senses and the mind when we want to experience true power and joy within us which no one can take away. The purpose of human life is to transcend the physical experience of life so that we experience freedom and joy in each moment out of oneness and sense of belonging. We are here  to express our spirit which requires us to train our mind and senses  and not to become a slave to their likes and dislikes and pleasure and pain.


If this purpose is not truly and deeply understood then one can never convince and educate neither the mind  nor oneself to live a life of freedom, power and joy. To  proceed and progress on the path of Self discovery and Self manifestation it is crucial that one gain the  knowledge about the purpose of being human along with the right kind of discrimination.  



peace love joy blessings,

Yogi Sakha





















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