How to activate the Guru app in our consciousness?

June 1, 2017

Guru is not a person who is outside, guru is a pricncple and a process within each one of us and when activated, it sets us on a never ending journey of learning and growth. Once the guru principle within the human consciousness is activated the human mind remains open and flexible to learn from every experience of life. 


As a human being it is natural for all of us to remain curious and constantly explore and seek newer avenues and experiences in  life. Therefore within each one of us there is already a learning application installed by the divine which is called as the Guru app!


We need not download the Guru app, we just need to upgrade our mind to the allow the guru app to function on a better system. Since majority of our learning is about unlearning of past ways of perceiving and thinking, a mind which remains closed and rigid due to arrogance or ignorance can never really invoke the guru application. Only a open mind with features of humility and gratitude can allow the guru application to function in a faster and better way.


The common understanding of guru being some person on the outside is not only misleading but it also can be a major blocking factor for a student of life. Once a guru is personified without further going beyond the personhood, the human emotions attach sentimental values and ties to that person. Yes, devotion to guru and the words of guru are very important and it also comes vey naturally for a seeker, however a truly enlightened being will never claim himself as guru or even a person!


A true guru or master will see himself as a presence and will be more passionate about the message and its underlying principles than being obsessed with his own self. He/She will always remain a student of life  forever and will also inspire others also to always be on a learning mode and  invoke the guru within themselves, i.e. their inner tutor (intuition).


The infinite intelligence which we are a part of can only flow through our head, heart and hands if we make ourselves available to it by freeing our limited  preoccupations and preconceived  notions about life. A guru is more interested in what the higher power or true self can do through us than our own motives, plans, and agendas driven by fear, selfishness and greed.


What we learn from our own experiences becomes wisdom and a living reality for us which can never be taken away. No can ever learn anything valuable from  any book, person, listening to recordings, or even by giving scholarly teachings, as much as one can learn from one's own experiences by deep reflection, introspection and contemplation.


Therefore real grace of divine is not when we get things in life we pray for, but when we are humbled and our mind  and heart are opened up to always grow and evolve. This itself means that Lord has come in our life as  Guru, in form of Brahma, to initiate and active the guru principle and process . 


Thereafter realizing the importance of learning from our own experiences we take the position of a seeker and student of life to continue learning from every experience. This means Lord is functioning as Guru in form of Vishnu to maintain and sustain our learning abilities and spirit of seeking. And as our practice of learning  deepens we continue to overcome ignorance and start seeing every difficult challenge  or hardship only as a blessing. We see the hands of divine in everything which happens in and around us without feeling overwhelmed and agitated. This is  Lord functioning as Guru in form of  Maheshwara to help destroy our myopic vision and overcome even the toughest of human challenge in our path of evolution as a human being.


This is the real meaning of the mantra,

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara,Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah!


Thus the divine principle and process of guru  within each one of us is no one other than Lord himself who is present with us all the time to guide us, inspire us and help us grow in every possible way.


peace love joy blessings,

Yogi S






















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