The secret of real happiness!

May 28, 2017

The subject object split created by an untrained mind manifests into many splits and conflicts in every aspects of life. Once such split is the split of action and its results as success or failure.


In reality there is only action which exists, the results of actions labeled as success or failure are human parameters to measure the outcome  based on human needs and conveniences. And not every human need or convenience respects natural laws, in fact most of them defy them blatantly for the sake of more and better.


When I work with a motivation to get something from my work or others which will make me feel happy in the future, not only I am postponing my happiness but I am also devaluing people and my own work. I limit my vision to see people only as utility and my work as a trade to hoard and accumulate. My entire approach in life, my relations and work become self centered, consumeristic and greed oriented. 


When a mother takes care of her baby, she experiences joy of raising her child every moment, even in the most difficult situation. She does not wish to experience some happiness in the future from her child for what she does in the now. Her fulfillment is in experiencing each moment she spends with her child without trying to expect something in the future.

Her reward is not in the future when the child grows up but in the present moment she spends with her child. She may not even have any idea of what the child may grow up and become as an adult, but all she knows and does right know is to shower her child with her total love, care and affection.


Her work is not done with sense of obligation or sense of future achievement or recognition, but out of the current outflow of love and joy she experiences. It is because she sees herself in her child and there is no sense of otherness and split of subject and object present in her consciousness. For her the child is not apart from her neither somebody else from her.


Can she feel and experience the same joy and love if she were to raise someone else's child? Probably not, because there would not be the same sense of oneness and belonging experienced in her.



Thus, when the mind imagines that it has to get something out of some work or some one in the future, it has already created a  subject object split. This split will never  allow the mind to experience fulfillment, joy and love in the present moment of relationships or work. 



If happiness is what we want why not choose to be happy as we do something rather than become happy only for a short time when we get something. And who knows whether we will get exactly what we want?  Also our definition of success and failure is based on the subject and object split and changes from time to time and person to person. 

For a mind which has come back to its state of wholeness, success and failure do not exist as reality. It knows only how to flow and grow more and more in each moment. The more a mind experiences joy, love, fun and flow in the present moment the more it becomes creative and productive spontaneously.


Split in mind means a state of division and fear, which will  raise its ugly head now and then wherever we use such mind, whether at work or relationships. Split is imagined and not real, and the mind imagines only what it knows. Therefore we  must know in entirety that this relative world is a part of the absolute and hence perfect and whole in its own way. Knowing that there is no split or division or duality in existence makes the mind free of every limitation and suffering!



peace love joy blessings,

Yogi Sakha












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