Making the mind matter the most!

May 28, 2017

Seat of human experience and knowledge is the mind, yet rare is the one who knows what exactly the mind is. Even rarer is the one who wants to work on his mind after knowing what mind is to enhance his experience and expression of life. And amongst them only a very few succeed to know the mysteries of mind in entirety and live with a  transformed experience and understanding about human life.


A spirtual seeker is the one who has recognized the immense value of mind and responsibility as human being to take care of it. Anything which we do not take care of becomes a source of problem and misery for us. If people do not take care of their body, they will suffer because of it in future in many ways. If people do not take care of their family relationships, finances, career etc. they will suffer due to the lack of attention and care. Imagine how much suffering and misery people experience because of lack of care of their own mind which is used in every work, relationship and aspect of life?


In hanuman chalisa Tulsidas begins with, Shri guru charan saroj raj, nij  man mukru sudhaari, which means, with the sacred dust of my Guru's feet, I am cleansing the mirrors of my mind which lack in clarity.

Samarth Ramdas dedicated his wonderful poetic creation Manache shlok, (i.e. Hymns to the Mind), entirely to educate and train the human mind. He says-

Mana sajjana bhakti panthechi jaave, tari shri hari pavije to swabhave,

jani   nindya the sarva soduni dyyave, jani  vandya the sarva bhave karaave.


Which means, O mind walk the path of love and devotion, which will lead you to your original divine nature making you see and experience divinity in everything. Let go of all that which is unholy and wrong and hold on to only that which is glorious and divine.


Whether it is success in spiritual life or in material life, it is the mind which has to be rightly educated and employed.  As human beings we desire for happiness, success, love, joy, power, wisdom, creativity and greatness, and there is nothing wrong in having such desire. However to fulfill these  desires and come to the experience of fulfillment in life, our focus must be on transforming our mind and not changing the world or people. 

A transformed mind not only gives us an experience of fulfillment in life but also brings transformation change in the world.

When a mind is transformed it can influence the world and people to change in a much convincing and deeper way. However without changing the ways of our own mind if we are hell bent on changing the ways of the world and people to experience power, love, joy and fulfillment in life, not only  we will never succeed but we will also become frustrated and depressed.


One transformed mind can act as a catalyst to start a chain reaction of transformation of human consciousness, because it has found power and strength in its Source and not outside.  We all know what it means to have a unhealthy and sick body and struggle in many ways to make it healthy and disease free. Therefore to transform our mind we must also clearly know what it means to have a unhealthy mind.


An unhealthy mind is that mind which has not been educated and disciplined to know its purpose and significance in human life. An unhealthy mind dwells on the worries of future and regrets of past thus leaking its creative energies. It creates unwholesome emotions of fear, stress, guilt, anger, and has a default tendency  to react, complain, compare and comment. An unhealthy mind keeps jumping from one object to another without showing commitment to one single task and is always projecting a fanciful world of if's and but's.


An unhealthy mind does not respect its own decision and keeps doubting and changing it's stands, only to become more confused, frustrated and feel guilty and depressed.


The most important thing for us is to identify and acknowledge the unhealthy conditions of the mind which  we have been assuming to be normal and ok. If we believe there is nothing wrong with the current ways our mind runs the show of our life we would never  consider working on the mind. If a simple smart phone gets an automatic update every month to function in a better way, why do we believe our mind needs no upgrade to think, feel and experience life in a better way?


Once we decide to work on the mind the next thing is to study and understand what mind is all about so that we are actually working on the mind and not just beating around the bush. We have to track every minute and every day the progress we  make in the way we perceive, feel, think, speak and act once we decide to work on the mind.


As we start to work on the mind the improved mind will give us a better experience and expression of life. If we invest our time and energy in something and take care of something we are going to see change and results sooner or later. The only reason why people live with the same experience of life every day is because they have not taken care of their mind. It is all about doing one thing at time and be consistent for all your life, because working on the mind is not a 100m dash but a endurance marathon!




love peace joy blessings,

Yogi Sakha

































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