Life is a Vacation, Celebrate it!

May 22, 2017

I grew up in a typical middle class family where there was nothing like  going out for a family vacation. My family used to go once every moth to a same South Indian Restaurant for dinner and enjoy meal together. Even there we had to be cautious about money we could spend, so we use to order only our favorite food  every time.


When the first time we went out for a family vacation there also money was a major issue and we had to be on severe budget constraint about what to eat, what to see, where to travel and how. 


So  it became obvious to me that rich people can enjoy vacation time with their family in much better way than those who do not have enough money to spend.


Rich people instead of being worried about how much money to spend on food, shopping, visiting certain places, markets, rides, etc. focus on how much fun they could experience anywhere. For them the only aim is to have as much of fulfilling and extravagant experience of their vacation which money can buy and also which money can not buy!


Poor people hardly go on vacation and even if they go, their joy is mostly ruined by money crunch and budgeting calculation. Rich people can afford to take luxurious and expensive vacations anywhere and anytime and also spend luxuriously on their vacation without being concerned about the money.


My friends, this world is nothing but a grand vacation Lord has taken to have time pass, fun, play and exploration. He was and is happy alone by himself, but our of sheer overflow of his infinite richness and joy he manifests as the world and life.  This glorious manifestation of Lord as as Universe and life out of his own being is known as Leela, divine play and celebration in Hinduism.


We all are here only for vacation and to celebrate life the way it is already happening and not to gain or manipulate anything. Our purpose as human being is only to  enjoy the experience and exploration by spending ourself as much as we can without holding anything back. The whole cosmos along with the life is an ecstatic celebration of the Self, and the only specie missing the celebration is the human being!


As long as we are with the body we must enjoy and experience fun, joy. love and adventure of being human. Money is not the criterion for our ability to enjoy this vacation, but our ability to explore, share and give without holding anything back. For this reason we must take care of our mind and body, especially the mind to know what life is all about.


Those who can see each day of their temporary existence as a vacation to celebrate and not as just another passing day to live by, only they have discovered the true meaning and riches of being human. They have vacated themselves out of their limited and scarcity mindset and allowed the unlimited and abundant grace of the divine to live through them.


There is no excuse or justification for us to live life in a serious, frustrated, depressed, anxious and fearful and limited way, if the very essence and purpose of life manifests out of joy, love and celebration. The greatest insult to the Lord, to our Self is when we defy and deny the very purpose of being human and start acting otherwise!


Just as rich people and their children do not hold back on spending money and exploring as many places while on vacation, remember that your Legacy is of Ecstasy, therefore you have nothing to save or feel limited  while you celebrate life.  When you are one with the Source you will have no scarcity of any resource and have the most amazing experience of this vacation and celebration called as life!


peace love joy blessings,

Yogi Sakha


















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