Always strive for the highest Vision in Life!

May 20, 2017

If you have ever worked in a corporate world and tried understanding how things run, you must have observed few basics principles of success and growth. The topmost hierarchy at the corporate is of the MD or CEO who set the vision, mission and values for the company.


Every employee in the company gets trained to follow the vision, mission and values to the T  so that the intention of the top executives is fulfilled.

An employee who can raise his vision to the level of the company's  vision and feel inspired by it,  will grow and succeed faster than those who can not relate with the corporate vision. Just being inspired by the vision an employee naturally aligns to concurrent values and mission which help manifest what the leadership team envisions for the company.  


Employees who do no feel inspired by the company's vision will not only lack in inspiration but will also risk losing their job, especially if they have personal goals and ambitions not aligned to the corporate vision. Such employees are liability and damaging to the reputation and success of the company, and the only way to deal with them is to either fire them or make them conform to the corporate vision. Also those who can not relate with the corporate vision will only complain and find faults about its values, mission including the top executives.


Exactly same is the case in spiritual life. Spiritual life is all about trying to  develop a vision so that we could see the world exactly the way God were to see this world, and then think, speak and act accordingly. Unless  we accept the will which the Lord has for the world as our will, we can never truly succeed and be happy in life. This world and everything and every being here belongs to the Lord, and when we have put this human uniform we are his full time employees. We work for him, with him, in his world and report back to him.


Just as an employee  can abundantly grow and succeed only when the company grows and succeed as a whole, we must recognize that real growth and success as a human being is only when the world  grows and succeeds in some valuable way. If only we are growing and succeeding out of selfish and narrow attitude, not being concerned about how our actions and inactions impact the world, we are living a corrupt life below our reputation and standards as a human being. Therefore, if we have to  achieve real success as a human being we must let those around us succeed by sharing whatever that has helped us succeed.


We can get demoted and even fired if we work under the influence of narrow vision for selfish gains and disregard the vision of the divine.  Such demotions and firing in life comes in many forms, like nervous breakdowns, relationship issues, depression, health problems, etc.  However they primary are experienced as constant feelings of fear, lack, guilt, insecurity and negative emotions. 


Once we are inspired by the vision of the divine following the values and mission does not take much of an effort. It is very difficult to bestow a vision to someone, i.e. to make some one see things and view life the way you see from your level. People whose vision is not at par with your vision will always misunderstand you and try to ridicule or waver you from living your vision. For them things and life appear to be set in stone and so real, that it becomes impossible to believe in your vision let alone the values and mission you have in set for it.


Therefore whether it is corporate life or spiritual life, the only way to succeed and grow is by striving to gain the highest vision possible by letting go of the current vision you are living and perceving life. 


peace love joy blessing,

Yogi Sakha









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