What is conditioning of mind?

May 18, 2017

The conditioning of mind referred in spiritual world  can not be seen like some physical conditioning. It is not like there are layers of experiences which are piled up on the mind termed as conditioning which need to be removed one by one.

The mind may be conditioned by certain beliefs and experiences of the past, but one need not try to fight with them to replace them with new set of beliefs and experiences. Replacing old set of beliefs and experiences with some new set  is also conditioning of the mind.


Spirituality does not give you new set of beliefs and experiences, rather it makes you clearly see what mind is all about with its system of beliefs and play of experiences. You are not forced to believe in something but made to see the very root of the mind from where thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences emerge. 


For this you are told to move from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, i.e from just doing things to paying attention to thoughts and feelings. Then after spending sometime with the subconscious mind you are told to move fom subconscious to unconscious, i.e from thoughts and feelings to every belief and memory associated with the I. Every thought, feeling and memory belongs to a person, -husband, wife, parent, boss etc.  These thoughts, feelings, memories are created and sustained only because there is an unconscious association with them as me and my thoughts, feelings and memories. However in reality the truth is that they do not belong to you, but to somebody, to a role you have played using the instruments of mind-body.


And finally you are told to move and transcend  the entire  mind, its belief system and contents of thoughts, feelings, memories and ego, to see  and know the mind as one stream of consciousness without any fragmentations as conscious, subconscious or unconscious. You realize that mind as a stream of consciouness is one whole undivided energy which has different functions of thinking, feeling, memory and ego, i.e. I factor associated with it.


There are not many minds in us but only one mind which goes through many experiences, stores many memories, has many thoughts and feelings. That one mind when experiencing something is  the feeling function, when it thinks it is the function of intellect, when it retains something or reflects something of the past it is memory function and when it says I or mine to identify with body, feelings, thoughts and memories  is called as ego function.


So conditioning of the mind is not like rusting of iron which is a physical process. Conditioning of mind means that the functions of mind (thinking, feeling, memories, ego) which belongs does not belong personally to somebody, due to lack of spiritual discipline starts identifying itself with the contents of mind and body as me and mine. For the mind itself there is no suffering or problem, since our mind has gone through and also given up many beliefs and experiences till now and is only a tool with specific functionalities. The problems, suffering and miseries are for the person and its world which the mind projects to be real after associating it with as me or mine. That person when taken to be real starts life in the mind as a psychological entity with its limited and delusional view, understanding and purpose of life.


For the mind to wake up from its delusions and constant habit of identification it must be shown the truth as truth and the false as false. This education and spicing of the mind is spiritual practice and it is just a matter of seeing and understanding and not of doing anything to become something.


No matter if one has lived with conditioned mind for 5 years of 50 years, the ignorance is the same and the solution is only in looking deep into one's mind to reach our being. Nothing can liberate the mind from the play of ignorance (maya) than our burning desire to be free and to know our real self beyond the all the virtual selfs. Grace of the divine can only help those who help themselves and call for it, knowing that the divine is none other than me manifesting as human!


 peace love joy blessings,

Yogi Sakha
























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