Namaste  & Welcome to Sakha Yoga my beloved friend,

I am Yogi Sakha and I want to share with you the secrets of authentic Yoga for Optimum health & happiness using the Evolutionary, Brain & Yogic Science. 

In my 18 years of committed spiritual living, I have been passionately exploring modern science as well as yogic science to understand the nature of reality and truth about our existence. I believe my scientific background and open temperament helped me to explore and unravel both the material and spiritual science. Sakha Yoga is a result of my joyous and amazing love affair with life and the Universe.

Friend or Foe, Treat or Threat?

Human beings evolved from fish forms into their current human form over billions of years of the evolutionary processes.

The gradual evolution helped humans to adapt themselves to walk on two legs with erect spine, developed the largest thinking brain, formed societies, cultures, invented machines, technology etc. One could have never imagined 100 years back the quantity and quality of luxury, comfort and security we human beings are enjoying now. 

Though we have made tremendous progress in the material world by mastering the elements of Nature, yet ironically, the number of people suffering from mental illness, loneliness and lifestyle diseases has also shown a steep increase!!

This is because the human brain, though the most amazing masterpiece of evolutionary forces, is still imperfect and requires the right kind of shaping and pruning. We have not invested the necessary focus and time to understand our brain and assist in its "conscious evolution". 

You see, the unevolved & uncultured human brain still perceives and experiences life with a primitive Stone age mentality as if we are under constant threat and lacking resources. This survival mentality is biologically wired in the brain and nervous system of all animals including human beings. However, in human beings, it manifests in ugliest ways like isolated individuality, instant gratification, pleasure-seeking, reactive compulsive behaviour, addictions, insatiable greed, violence, adultery, war, etc.

Thus, our very human brain which helped us make unbelievable material progress, functions like an enemy, a foe.  

The Science of Yoga is all about working on evolving our brain, to befriend it and work with an expanded consciousness which is friendly in nature.  That's why Sakha Yoga- Sakha means a true and intimate friend, where you are in a friendly relationship with your body, mind, humanity & Nature to explore and understand what it truly means to be a human.  The tools and techniques of Yoga help us in understanding the workings of our inner world and our existence beyond the physical. The Yogic path helps us discover our true Self and invoke our latent potentials to truly make the experience of being human fulfilling, meaningful and cherishing.

Our Cultural Heritage- Wholistic 

In Sanatan Dharma or Yogic Science, the theory of evolution is not seen as a blasphemy, rather beautifully depicted through the concept of Avatars evolving from limited consciousness (Fish) to full consciousness (Krishna). Sincerely working on our brain (mind/attitude/consciousness) to evolve our humanity in a wholesome way brings direct benefits to all beings around us. This new way of relating with our own self (mind body spirit) is the beginning of Yoga, which is mentioned even in Bhagwad Geeta as-

"Elevate yourself through the power of your mind and never degrade yourself, for the mind can be your friend and also your enemy . " BG Ch 6, Vs 5

The ancient Yogis and seers were very practical and scientific in their approach towards life and that's why the basis of our civilization is called as Vedic and we are called as Bharatiya. Ved means knowledge, both of the Self and the world, and Bha in Bharath means light and Rath means to cherish or enjoy. So Bharat means a place where knowledge is cherished and honoured by people and their life is not led by ignorance and subhuman instincts.

Surprisingly our species is called as Homo Sapiens, in which sapiens means wise and discerning, a feature attributed to our unique big thinking brain which can discern and reign the animalistic urges and instincts!

That's why Sanatan culture has a Universal appeal and vision because its focus is on freeing humanity and human potentials from the bondage of base instincts, selfish desires, and fanatic personal-social-religious dogmas/beliefs. Yogic science can be adopted by anyone regardless of one's gender, nationality, caste, creed, race or religion. 

There are very few forms of modern Yoga schools or practices which are able to fully grasp and share the true Science of Yoga which was understood and demonstrated by seers and yogis in the past.

De-Coding the Lost Yogic Secrets  & Art of Thinking

In Geeta Lord Krishna mentions that-

"This science of Yoga was received through the lineage of ancestral generations, and the saintly kings understood it in that way. But in course of time, the succession was broken, and therefore this form of Yoga was lost. " BG Ch 4 , Vs 2

The kind of Yoga Sri Krishna is talking about is exactly what I am here to share with you through Sakha Yoga but in modern and conventional manner.  Mind you, the fundamentals or principles never change, only the way they are taught and express must change based on current circumstances. The ultimate aim of Yoga and of humanity was, is and always will be to free our self from the limited body and individual consciousness, and make us realise the Universal Self/Oneness behind all individual appearances!!


But how is that to be done? We have to learn everything in life, but no one taught us how to think and feel which determines everything in life. The undisciplined and uncultured human brain needs Yogic training to rewire and reprogram its subconscious conditioning to experience and express life in an utmost creative and positive way. Otherwise, the brain remains stuck in default mode,  functioning under the influence of sub/unconscious vestigial instincts of fear, greed and selfishness.

As mentioned in Geeta  Ch 15 Vs 5

"Those who are free from vanity and delusion, who have overcome the fault of wrong identification, who always see themselves in others, who are freed from the desire to indulge, and are beyond the duality of pleasure and pain, only such liberated ones attain to the transcendental state. "


The modules mentioned below will help you understand the workings of the human brain, its evolutionary history and prevailing challenges for its future evolution in a systematic, scientific, simple and practical way.


Positive Resolution of Identity Meaning & Emotions (PRIME),

Conscious Human Ascension to Nurture Gratitude & Empathy (CHANGE),

Spirit of Oneness & Unconditional Love (SOUL),

Passionately Learn & Align Yourself to the Fundamentals of Ultimate Living (PLAYFUL)  &

Manifesting Opulence using Knowledge of System, Self, Harmony & Happiness (MOKSSHH)

We are born out of Ecstasy to experience Ecstasy

Legacy of Ecstasy is an initiation process for those who want to start and establish a loving, joyful and  friendly relationship with one's body-mind and manifest its abundant, joyful and creative nature! The initiation in Legacy of Ecstasy will give you a fundamental understanding about why the human body is evolved to experience and express only joy,  love and creativity. You will understand why living in joy is the only solution to every human challenge and suffering (most of which is only our mental  projection).  The initiation to Legacy of Ecstasy is absolutely free and its duration is for 60-75 minutes. 

Ecstasy is made from two Greek words,  ek which means out and histani means to stand or to place. So ecstasy literally means to stand out of one's self, a self which is based in lack, doubts, prejudice, negativity, selfishness, and perceived to be real and isolated from others. What we call as happiness,  experience requires body, brain and senses (Apara/Material energy) and is based on some object of experience, whether food, sex, relation, sports,  work or even God! But the happiness of our being requires no apparatus of mind-body and is always known and available to us (Para Shakti). This ever-present joy of our being is called Ananda and requires a lifelong dedication to the yogic path.

Spiritually speaking, humans exist only to realise the Self and our existence and joy beyond physicality. Thus knowing our immortal and blissful nature there remains nothing more to be known or nothing more to be done for personal sake. Our struggle and suffering are because we have not realised our true Self, which is the source of all joy because we have not explored our humanity and its purpose sincerely!


Bhagwad Geeta Ch 7 Vs 2

"I shall now reveal unto you fully this knowledge and wisdom, knowing which nothing else remains to be known in this world."

peace love joy blessings,

  Yogi Sakha

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